Madera Tibhar Texo C7
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Blade Tibhar Lebesson

€23.14 Our previous price €28.84
Madera de carbón de 7 capas con un  toque sensacional y gran potencia para los topspin, TEXO C7 confiere un buen control gracias a su capa central mas blanda. Con TEXO C7 se sentirá seguro para realizar toda la gama de golpes, desde el servicio, el juego corto y el bloqueo hasta el juego de topspin dinámico a media distancia.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Balsa SGS

Balsa SGS  es sinónimo de equilibrio entre madera ligera y ofensiva; Da a la bola un excelente rebote y asegura una buena trayectoria. Ideal para jugar cerca de la mesa con un juego a la contra y ofensivo, la madera Balsa SGS es muy fácil de usar y proporciona un equilibrio excepcional entre velocidad y control.
Madera Tibhar Red Cypress
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Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Red Cypress

€32.98 Our previous price €45.37
Red Cypress fue desarrollada para el jugador ofensivo en busca de una madera que ofreciera una amplia gama de posibilidades de juego.Transmite un buen tacto,buena velocidad y también una sensación excepcional en el golpeo de la pelota.siéntase cómodo jugando con esta madera a cualquier distancia de la mesa.Fabricada de 7 capas de madera de primera...
Madera Samsonov Force Pro Madera Samsonov Force Pro 2
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Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro

€37.15 Our previous price €45.37
La nueva madera del múltiple Campeón de Europa y de la Copa del Mundo V.Samsonov impresiona por su velocidad y su gran sensación de control y toque. Las capas exteriores de Limba confieren su potencia y las capas centrales permiten un excelente control de la pelota para poner a su adversario bajo presión. Quizas la mejor madera de Tibhar en cuanto a...
Madera Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition
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€37.15 Our previous price €45.37
La hermana de la Samsonov Force Pro lider en el sector de maderas offensivas se actualiza con unas variaciones en sus capas centrales que le otorgan un poco de más velocidad. Es la madera ideal para jugadores ofensivos que quieren una madera rápida pero que le permita controlar la bola en cualquier situación.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Balsa Fibre OFF 60

The Balsa Fibre OFF 60 is designed for players who like to play an offensive game but at the same time want to place very precise shots. Compared to the Fibretec 75 it has more control for your passive game. It is extra light with good speed potential and is very sensation friendly. The fibreglass layers confer high stability and increase the sweet spot.
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Balsa Fibretec 75

An extra light blade, the Balsa Fibretec 75 is perfectly suited to aggressive offensive rallies. Its 7.5 mm thick Balsa core provides high speed and an enormous potency. The two layers of fibreglass increase the stability and allow you to play, thanks to the greater sweet spot, fast attacking topspin strokes.
Madera Tibhar Ronin CB
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€45.41 Our previous price €66.03
Ronin CB is a fast and offensive blade, the ideal weapon for the uncompromising attacking player.  The carbon fibres guarantee the necessary stability and increase the sweet spot. We have integrated a new technology into the handle.  S.AM - sensory amplifier - the player’s answer to his opponent’s shots. The intensity of feeling from this inno...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Drinkhall Offensive Classic

“Designed for the traditional topspin attacking player who likes their blade to be fast in order to provide great power, but without compromising control. This blade will give you the feeling to play safe topspin shots from close to the table or mid distance, and the speed and power to allow you to play fast aggressive topspin shots and hard direct smashes
Dieses 7-schichtige Vollholz ist ihr ideales Werkzeug für aggressives und druckvolles Spiel am Tisch. Geschwindigkeit und Balance zeichnet dieses Holz aus der Halbdistanz aus. Die Kombination aus harten Innenfurnieren und feinfühligeren Aussenfurnieren machen die Qualitäten aus, auf die die europäische Spitzenspielerin Bernadette Szocs sich verlässt. 
Table tennis Blades

Tibhar Blade Akkad

The characteristics of this blade are based on traditional TIBHAR blade construction. This 7-ply offensive blade distinguishes itself by a high arc and impressive speed potential. AKKAD is obviously suited to plastic balls, increased ball arc and high trajectory. AKKAD is also a powerful blade which helps a very precise game close to the table and puts...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Dynamic J7

Tibhar Dynamic J7 is a hard attack wood with a lot of feel. Thicker core layers add power, while thinner exterior. They provide the fit in terms of catapult, toughness and control over the table. These features make DJ7 an exciting option for all offensive players.
Blade Tibhar CCA 7
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€57.81 Our previous price €73.55
Named after the initials of the World Champion in double, CCA 7 convinces by its high potential of acceleration and speed. Although being a very fast blade, the serve remains soft. CCA 7 confers a lot of sensation and is very spin friendly. It opens the possibility to play hard undercut Topspins at the table and at half distance. ...
Madera Tibhar Stratus Samsonov Carbon Madera Tibhar Stratus Samsonov Carbon 2
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€61.98 Our previous price €78.43
TIBHAR selected high-quality wood types and combined them with a new generation of Kevlar carbon: the ideal prerequisite for an offensive but still controllable game. The carbon permits the needed hardness and stability in your strokes. Great playing sensation! 
Table tennis Blades

Tibhar Blade Fortino Force

FORTINO with Dyneema® has set the bar at a new high in the blade market. The innovative combination of carbon with Dyneema® fibres opens a new era in blade production. The use of this special fabric provides the best value in terms of bend-resistance and hardness. “Ultra-light - super strong”, the strength to weight ratio makes the Dyneema® fibre the...
Table tennis Blades

Blade Tibhar Dynamic JC

Tibhar player Darko Jorgi's new blade - DJC - uses Dyneema® carbon fiber. 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of Dyneema® Carbon fibers, Dynamic JC gives enormous power and penetration force to your blows. ince the Dyneema® carbon fibers are not directly under the top layer, the feel to the touch is not only determined by Dyneema® fiber. Power, control and...
Tibhar FULL Package Limited Edition 25th Years Blade Samsonov + Alu Case + Towel + Rubbers
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€161.16 Our previous price €226.20
TIBHAR VS Unlimited Limited Edition with serial number, commemorating the 25th anniversary Vladimir Samsonov & TIBHAR.The blade VS unlimited supports the player due to the large sweet spot and the higher control associated with the offensive game. Included 2 rubbers TIBHAR EVOLUTION EL-P (can be exchanged for other rubbers in the EVOLUTION range). The...
Agility, suppleness, precision, clarity, determination and consistency compose the main characteristics of the blade of this highly talented former Chinese international.The player's style (spirit and playing intelligence) is reflected in this blade. The specially selected and chosen materials (Hybrid ZC) bring clarity and determination to the strokes....
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